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We do not bill insurance or offer billing services.  Visits are paid for at the end of each visit.  For your convenience we accept cash, check, visa or mastercard.  Insurance companies do not often cover naturopathic medicine.   Some PPO plans do however partially cover the office visit or some other services.   You will need to check with your insurance carrier for your coverage.   HMO plans do not cover services.  If you want reimbursement from your insurance you will need to file their forms to them.  We will not fill out forms, however if you wish we will give you your billing and diagnostic codes for your visit  These codes can be submitted to your insurance company.  

Cancellation Policy:  
We require a minimum of 24 hours notice when canceling an appointment.  Extenuating circumstances will be considered. 

No show Fee: 
A credit card #  is required to reserve your initial appointment.  Our no show policy fee is for all appointments.  As we book two hours for your initial appointment, and as we do not overbook our clients as a typical medical office does it is important to call in advance or cancel your appointment online if you cannot make your appointment.   If you do not show or cancel your appointment there will be a 65.00 fee charged to your card on file. An office staff member will call or email you to remind you of your appointment.    

Testimonials:  find out what people are saying so far,.
Read Patient Feedback 8/10 rate us 5/5 stars.  

(verified patient)
Dr. Finlayson listens to your concerns and your health status and charts a course for testing and remedy. I feel so much better after following her guidance - more energy, sharper focus, lower weight, better sleep, and we're working toward optimum health

(Verified patient)
My experience was really good but some of the changes that I needed to make were a little overwhelming since I had never before taken vitamins and powders on a daily basis. It was very informative and I'm happy to begin a new healthy life style .

(Verified Patient)  
Appreciate the feedback during my visit.

Diana (Verified Patient)  
Dr. Mike Finlayson exceeded my expectations. She has started me on a path of healtheir eating with the correct supplements. She is professional, know- edgeable, listens well and in a short time taught me about my body, food choices & proper supplements.

(verified patient)
Very interesting and informative. A lot of consideration about how to help me get well. I have crohns and have exhausted the medical doctor route with no answers to be found except, drugs, drugs and, more drugs! 

Anonymous (verified patient) 
 Dr Miki uses in-depth tests and a holistic approach to determine your overall health. She figured out what was going on with me when MD's could not.

Anonymous (verified patient)  
She reviews all issues in detail, and I appreciate that.

★★★★★ |Anonymous| (verified patient)| 

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**Once confirmed by our staff, you will get an email confirmation. 

New clients:  

For best results you will need an initial 2 hour Wellness Intro for a new client booking.  

A limited consult is not ideal for most.   When our staff calls, they will discuss appointment types and the specific forms you will need. 

Current clients  
You will automatically be booked for a 60 minute follow up appointment,  most clients will need 1.5  hour

Naturopathic Wellness
*** *** This is an appointment with a California licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. 
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