Natural Roots Medicine Naturopathic Consultations
Thank you for choosing to add Natural Medicine for your health needs.  We strive to work concurrently with your current health plan to add natural medicine therapies.   Dr.  Miki  has worked close to the allopathic medical field and knows how to incorporate natural medicine into your life.   Longevity, wellness, quality of life are all benefited by improving your overall health.  I look forward to working with you one-on-one on a dedicated personalized program fit to help you optimize your health.  

Your initial visit includes an initial intake and physical exam.  A nutritional assessment, with initial diet, nutrition and health plan recommendations will follow.    Please allow 2 hours for this first visit.  An optimal course of treatment requires a thorough understanding of your health history.   I enjoy speaking with my patients, thus I allow time to discuss your important heath concerns.  
"As a student, the best learning experience was that of being a patient.  Sometimes I feel doctors forget how difficult it is to be a patient who is feeling ill.  I experienced Naturopathic Medicine first hand in several ways,  now I feel better than I thought possible.  
Dr. Miki 
Natural Medicine healing begins with an office visit. 
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Before you make your way to a health food store, know the risks, and find out how to take  supplements safely, and which supplements are specific for your health.    
You will find that living GREEN and NATURAL will enhance your energy and reduce common symptoms of poor health like fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, PMS,  irritability and more..... Have you asked yourself how  you feel today?   
Call our central scheduling line @ 949-388-8117
Office Visits (wellness introduction)
After your initial visit, conventional or other specialized laboratory testing may be recommended.  It is our goal to thoroughly understand the biochemical makeup of each individual.    With this insight we are ready to start the healing process.   By removing the root cause of illness and by using clinical nutrition, foods, vitamins, herbs and other therapies we (patient and doctor) rebuild a healthier you.   
Your first visit check list

    * Bring all your medications and supplements. 

    * Make a list of all your medications and supplements.

    * Bring in your recent lab work 
    * Arrive 15 minutes early. 
    * Bring your filled out new patient health history questionnaire.   

Frequently Asked Questions? and Policies
We do not bill insurance or offer billing services.  Visits are paid for at the end of each visit.  For your convenience we accept cash, check, visa or mastercard.  Insurance companies do not often cover naturopathic medicine.   Some PPO plans do however partially cover the office visit or some other services.   You will need to check with your insurance carrier for your coverage.   HMO plans do not cover services.  If you want reimbursement from your insurance you will need to file their forms to them.  We will not fill out forms, however if you wish we will give you your billing and diagnostic codes for your visit  These codes can be submitted to your insurance company.  

Cancellation Policy:  
We require a minimum of 24 hours notice when canceling an appointment. 

No show Fee: 
When you make your initial appointment, you will be asked for a credit card #  to reserve your appointment.  Our no show fee policy is for all appointment thereafter.  As we book two hours for your first appointment, and as we do not overbook our clients as a typical medical office does it is important to call in advance if you cannot make your appointment.   If you do not show or cancel your appointment there will be a 65.00 fee to your card on file.  Extenuating circumstances will be considered.   An office staff member will call to remind you of your appointment.     

Diet Journal:  
As part of our wellness introduction you will document a diet journal.  Diet and nutrition is the first place to start when assessing your health.  This is why we take a thorough look at your diet. 

Payment Policy:   
We accept Visa, Mastercard or Cash.  Payment is due when you receive your service.

Can Naturopathic Doctors order labs: 
Naturopathic Doctors in California are licensed healthcare providers and are able to order labs necessary for your health.  For example, CBC, cholesterol panel, thyroid labs or any other labs you may need.     

Our most popular services 
Wellness Introduction  Package  
  • (Initial visit includes intake, physical exam, nutritional diet journal, and current supplement analysis) 
 Stand-Alone Nutrition appointment
  • (usually part of our wellness package, a 30 minute diet analysis specific to your requests),  This will focus on food-only recommendations and will not include the comprehensive supplement analysis.  You may add the comprehensive visit within 3 months to receive a discount credit. 
B12 visits:  Energy and fat metabolism 
  • Requires recent lab work
  • B12 and other mineral or vitamin injections specific to your needs.  New and current clients are eligible. 
IV (intravenous vitamin therapy) 
  • B12 and other mineral or vitamin injections specific to your needs.  New and current clients are eligible. 
  • Requires recent lab work 

Natural Roots Medicine: Naturopathic Wellness Center 

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Natural Medicine Naturopathic Doctor Serving  Rancho Mission Viejo,  Irvine, Mission Viejo, Ranch Santa Margarita, Laguna Hills, Ladera Ranch, San Juan Capistrano and surrounding areas. 

  *  Primary Care                                        
  *  Naturopathic Family Medicine                                   
  *  Preventive Medicine                            
  *  Skin Health                                            
  *  Alternatives to Prescription Drugs
  *  Environmental Medicine                       
  *  Women's Health
  *  Gastrointestinal disorders
  *  Nutritional Planning
  *  Hormonal Therapy
  *  Whole body cleanses
  *  Children's Health & Wellness
  *  Thyroid disorders
  *  Diabetes
  *  Food Allergies and Sensitivities, (Gluten Intolerance) 

We use natural therapies to treat you
Naturopathic Wellness
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