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Dr. Miki's Natural Kids Blog

Stay Healthy 2020

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 04/01/20

Wear a mask when in public. This will help prevent your exposure and the exposure of others. Every person can make a difference. Together we can lower the curve. 


Designate a shopper in your home. Keep exposure to your home low. If you can keep outer packaging out of your home, do. 

Other than essential needs, stay home, stay apart. 

Continue to follow the guidelines by local, State and Federal organizations. 

Stay healthy, Dr. Miki ND

Graco Car Seat Buckle Recall: They have added more to the list!!

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 05/12/14

Car Seats 

recallid=41& Harness Buckle Recall – 

2014 Announcement Potential Problem: As part of our continuous product testing and improvement process, Graco identified that some harness buckles can become progressively more difficult to open over time or become stuck in the latched position. Therefore, we have decided to conduct a voluntary recall on the harness buckles used on select toddler convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats. As a solution, Graco offers a new and improved replacement harness buckle to any consumer who may be experiencing difficulty with their harness buckle at no cost. Consumers are encouraged to place their order for a replacement harness buckle using our online order form. Graco would like to stress that our car seats are safe and effective in restraining children. You can continue to use your car seat while waiting for your new buckle. Injuries Reported: 0 Number of Units Affected: 3.7 million Dates Produced: See chart below MSRP: $99.00-$399.99 Models Affected: Model Name Dates Produced Argos 70 Argos 70 Elite 5/1/2011 through 7/31/2013 Classic Ride 50 10/1/2011 through 9/30/2013 Comfort Sport Ready Ride 10/1/2010 through 9/30/2013 Cozy Cline Toddler SafeSeat - Step 2 1/1/2006 through 4/30/2010 My Ride 65 My Ride 65 with Safety Surround 4/1/2009 through 7/31/2013; and 9/30/2013* My Ride 70 5/1/2012 through 7/31/2013 My Size 70 Size4Me 70 Head Wise 70 with Safety Surround 1/1/2012 through 7/31/2013; and 8/3/2013* Nautilus 3-in-1 Nautilus Plus Nautilus Elite 10/1/2007 through 7/31/2013; and 8/19/2013* Smart Seat Smart Seat with Safety Surround 12/1/2010 through 9/30/2013; and 10/9/2013, 12/25/2013, 1/10/2014* * some car seats manufactured after the end date of production were produced with the subject buckles.

 Solution: Email Graco and get a replacement buckle sent to you. Keep your baby safe, Dr. Miki

Kids and Cold Prevention

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 10/24/13

     Reduce the sniffles, coughing and fussiness and more this Cold/Flu Season

When you first feel yourself becoming sick, there are things you can do to avoid becoming ill or to shorten the duration of illness. These suggestions are especially helpful if you do them as early as possible.  They will help you fend off flus, colds, or minor infections.  Ninety percent of common colds are due to viral infections.  Please note that antibiotics are not effective against viral infection.  If prescribed during a secondary bacterial infection, an antibiotic may be beneficial to the patient.  Call a physician if your symptoms become severe.  These are some steps you can take to boost your immunity:   These guidelines are designed to avoid secondary bacterial infections and resolve viral infections and symptoms. 

The body cleanses a cold this way:  With a runny nose a sneeze and by coughing. 

Don’t prevent the body cleanse:

·       OTC( over the counter drugs) a big NO NO

o    Antitussives, anti-diarrhea, NSAIDS all prevent the body from dispelling the internal disease.  Most people who use these, will stay with their cold ( 6 weeks) as opposed to a few days.

o    Fever:  A fever is a natural response to infection or to bodily injury. 

Eat Very Lightly Or Not At All -  With most illnesses, the appetite is diminished.  This is a natural response of the body.  Energy is needed to fight off the "bug" and the body doesn't have the energy to process food.  Give your digestive tract a rest!  Don’t force kids to eat during this time, fluids and easily digestible items like apple sauce are best.

Get Rest As Soon As Possible -  Many people ignore the early warning signs of illness.  For little kids this is usually  excessive tiredness and fussiness.  If you take it easy with them when you notice this it will help them tremendously.   Adding on the recommendations below will help them get better sooner.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids - You can clear the toxins from a "bug" out of your system with large amounts of filtered water and herb teas.  Fruit juices are not good choices as they have a high concentration of sugars in them.  Any item even fruit with high sugar content will suppress your immune system for 10 hours.  If you do choose to drink fruit juices, dilute them by using half (filtered) water and half juice. 

Prevention:  Contamination studies have demonstrated that viral infections are spread much more readily by direct contact than through the air.  Cleanliness tips to help avoid contamination of viruses include cleansing, and frequent hand washing and frequent laundering of clothing or bedding (especially for children sharing rooms).  Avoid touching your face.    Bathe or wash their hands and face before meals, when they get home from school and before bed. 

Take Immunity-Boosting Supplements & Homeopathics: 

**These are sample dosages.  Consult your physician regarding dosages for infants and children or if you have other conditions affecting your health.  Dosages depend on the form in which they are taken, the child weight and age

*** place an order with us and save 5-10% off retail prices. See our wellness store. 


·       Vitamin C: ( with bioflavinoids)Take 250 mg every 3-4  times per day with a small amount of food.  Cut back on dosage if stools become loose or you experience gas and cramping.

·       Elderberry Supplement:   Taken at the onset of a cold of flu it will reduce viral infection and mucous.   You should dose three to four times per day.

·       Kids defense:  See bottle for directions.

·       Gaia Kids Cough:  See bottle for directions.

·       Echinacea Supreme:   with Echinacea purpurea (Purple Cone Flower):  during the flu season this is best taken daily as a preventative measure.

·       Warm salt and peroxide Gargle:  ½-1 tsp per  cup of water, steep 10 min.  Mix one Tablespoon of this mixture with hot water and drink BID-QID.  Best for pharyngitis and sore throat and at the onset of a cold.


Home Treatments:

Nasal rinse and steam: Even older kids benefit a great deal from a steam bath.  Essential oils help as well.  Purchase an essential oil sprayer from our office to add the aromatic herbs to the shower.  A simply saline rince is also great for before bed to rinse the dust and germs from the nasal passage.

Chest Compress:  Warm the chest with a warm washcloth or hot shower (2-3 minutes).  Dry the skin thoroughly and apply a thin cotton wrap (to throat) or thin cotton T-shirt (to chest) that has been soaked in cold water and wrung out so that it is not dripping wet.  Cover this with a wool sweater (chest).   Go to bed this way.  By morning, the scarf or T-shirt will be dry.  This treatment increases circulation and increases white-blood cell activity.   Best for sore throat, tense muscle, and throat inflammation, fever or infection.   KEEP REMAINDER OF BODY BUNDLED AND WARM.


Hot bath for 20 minutes.   Add 1-2 cups epson salt to bath water.  Drink hot Ginger tea adding honey and lemon if desired.    Get into warm clothes (sweat suit or flannel pajamas , socks on feet and cap or towel  on head).  Climb into bed and cover with extra blankets. Add small pillow under knees if needed.   Stay in bed at least 1 hour, nap if you want, overnight is fine. Remove warm clothes and shower if necessary when through.


Just before bed, wet 1 pair of thin, cotton socks in cold water.  Warm your feet with a separate hot towel or water.  Then wring out the cold water socks well and put on to your dry, warmed feet.  They should be wet not dripping. Put on 1 pair of heavy wool socks over the wet socks and climb into bed and cover with heavy warm blankets.  Cover well and sleep all night with socks on. Repeat three nights in a row.  Best for any cold/flu or fever.


 Dr.  Miki ( www.naturalrootsmedicine.com) 

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Happy Bellies, Happy Babies, Happy Kids

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 09/03/13

Prepare and get ready for a Natural Roots Pregnancy.       We do things the Naturopathic Way.

Happy bellies, happy babies, happy kids.   

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience.  Most of the time a first time expecting mother is a little daunted by all the things she needs to do.  As a mother of three home-birthed babies, Dr. Miki really understands the do’s and don’t of having a baby the natural healthy way.    Whether you birth at home, in the hospital, with a midwife, medical doctor, doula or nurse, naturopathic doctors’ guidance will help answer the questions you will have along the way.   From prenatal, to first trimester symptoms, to second trimester aches and pains, to uterine preparedness for birth, each step is important for you and your growing babies health

Do’s and Don’ts

Get your answers and the answers to common questions; what should be avoided, what to do more of and when to keep doing the right stuff.

Get your answers and the answers to common questions; what should be avoided, what to do more of and when to keep doing the right stuff.

Being comfortable

Some homeopathic, herbs and natural therapies can help with some of your symptoms and aches.   Medications can be avoided in most cases this way.

Nutrition at each phase

Your growing belly and growing baby need a variety of extra nutrients.   Based on your nutrition intake we calculate what you need more or less of. 

Support and Readiness

Come in as needed or schedule a preparedness visit for each trimester.   Either way, we tailor your visit to your specific needs and desires.

Dr. Miki

(happy mother of three)

Raspberry Sherbert, Yummy and Healthy!

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 06/01/13

Tasty-Healthy Summer Treat!! Raspberry Sherbert
Low glycemic index, good source of Calcium, vitamin A, iron, vitamin C, fiber and B--vitamins. Easy and fun to make with the kids this summer. 


1  cup soy milk ( organic, plain and unsweetened) 
1/2 cup pomegranate juice
1 cup raspberries, pureed
1 Tbs ground chia seed
 2 teaspoons sugar


Blend all ingredients and freeze in an ice cream maker or in the freezer (directions below).

Ice cream maker: Freeze according to manufacturer's recommendations. This recipe fits a one-pint ice cream maker. You may double the recipe for larger machines.

Freezer: Pour into a shallow pan and freeze until fairly firm but not totally frozen. Cut into chunks and process in a food processor or blender until smooth. Pour into a container and freeze again.   Let soften before serving.


4 servings. Serving size: 1/2 cup

Nutrition Information (per serving)

78 Calories
3 g Protein
8 g Sugar
12g Carbohydrates        
0mg Cholesterol
4g Fiber
100mg Sodium





Warning! Automobiles, components, replacement parts, contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, other reproductive harm...

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 06/01/13

WARNING!  Automobiles, components, replacement parts,  and ....contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, other reproductive harm...... 

People often think the problems contributing to allergies or hayfever are from allergens outside their home.  Sure, it is common and many people do have allergies to pollen and ragweed, dust-mites, etc.  

What people don't realize is that they breath the most toxin-filled and allergy latent air in their own home. car, and any indoor area.   Not only do we bring in common allergens into our homes on our clothes and shoes, but they stay, concentrate and get trapped.  

Earth Day teaches us about the quality of our air and how planting a tree is very important.  Well planting some plants in your home can make dramatic difference in your health as well.  The place where we spend the most time and deserves the most attention, is where we sleep, our bedroom.    

Here is a list of healthy plants to add to your home to clean up the most important air you breath. They work to remove pollutants from the air you breathe in you home.  
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has done studies over the past two decades to find out which plants could remove toxic chemicals from the air for use in space stations.  The plants that topped their list are:

My favorites:  

Peace lily (Spathiphyllum “Mauna Loa”)
Green Spider Plant (Chlorophytum elatum)
*Ficus (Ficus benjamina)
*Mass cane (dracaena massangeana)
Chinese evergreen (Algona “silver queen”)

*These plants were found to help remove formaldehyde, benzenes and trichloroethylenes.
Other options:
*Pot mum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)
*Gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)
*Warnecki (Dracaena deremensis “Warneckei”)
 English Ivy (Hedera helix)
Marginata (Dracaena marginata)
Mother-in-laws tongue (Sansevieria laurentii)
Banana (Musa oriana)
Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii)
Heart Leaf philodendron (Philodendron oxycardium)
Janet Craig (Dracaena deremensis “Janet Craig”)
Contact our office to find out more about how our wellness introduction packages, or a specific treatment plan can help you on your way to a healthier you.  


Two locations to serve you, 

Orange County  
(949) 388-8117

Los Angeles      

Dr. Miki 


Gogi Berries, What Will They Do For Your Health?

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 02/12/13

February Heart Health Tip:   

February is heart health Month.   There are many things you can do to keep your heart healthly.  Having a good diet rich in nutrients is key.  Add in 15-20 gogi berries to your daily diet.  They make a great addition to oatmeal, cereals, granola, yoghurt, muffins or as is for a healthy snack.    

We carry Wild Tibetan Goji Berry  at our office.  The Himalayan or Tibetan berry is noted for purity and grown in ancient soils free of pollutants or pesticides and are packed with nutrients and may improve your health.   

Contains a spectrum of antioxidant carotenoids, vitamin A, and zeaxanthin. ?-B-complex vitamins plus vitamin E.?-Vitamin C (500 times more per ounce than found in oranges).? Beta-sitosterol (an anti-inflammatory compound also found in soy, may improve sexual potency and reduce prostate enlargement).? Betaine ( May help reduce levels of homocysteine, a prime risk factor in heart disease). ?Essential fatty acids plus Cyperone (Promotes normal heart function and blood pressure).?Physalein.?-21 trace minerals plus linoleic-acid (lowers body fat, supports lean body mass).? Corrects ""chi deficiencies"", such as low energy, insomnia, heart palpitations, and anxiety.?Polysaccharides (fortifies the immune system).?-18 amino acids.?-Solavetivone (anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound).

Dr. Miki 

BPA-Free are you doing enough?

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 07/16/12

Just when thought using a BPA free bottle or BPA free plastic containers was enough.   A recent study in Pediatrics; July 16, 2012 (dpi 10,1542/peds.2011-3374) Dental Composite Restorations and Psychosocial Function in Children links BPA or bisphenol A found in resin-based dental materials to add to psychosocial problems in children.   They used a self-reported Behavior Assessment System for Children and parent reported Child Behavior Checklist.    It makes me wonder since BPA exposure seems to be on the rise despite new BPA-free materials available to consumers.  This makes me think of many children with autism, ADD, ADHD who correlatively also usually have poor dental health and an increased risk for cavities.  


Another exposure you might not be thinking of, I sure wasn't is in thermal and recycled paper and paper currency as reported in the ACS' journal Environmental Science and Technology.  

Take home from this is that glass is always better, avoiding plastics of any sort is important, even if it is BPA-free.  The two chemical structures are so similar that BPS is being linked to the same endocrine and hormonal disruption of it's cousin BPA.   BPS safety likely still in question, since all previous studies were on BPA.  
So just because it says it is BPA-free does not mean it is healthy or wise for your use.  

Dr. Miki 
Natural Roots Medicine 
Where health is living.  

Vitamin D and Menstrual Cramps....

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 05/24/12

Since I test vitamin D in all my patient's, I have come to see just how deficient and low most people are.  A simple blood test can show your levels of vitamin D and how much sun exposure or supplemental care will be needed as recommended by a qualified doctor.  

Placebo controlled study in Arch Intern Med, 2012; 172:367-368. 

This study in women aged 18-40 with dysmenorrhea and low vitamin D levels received a high dose single dose one week prior to their expected menses.   These women experienced less cramping pain, compared to those women who did not receive vitamin D. 

Vitamin D good for you.  

Dr. Miki 

Keep your options open, Support Naturopathic Doctor's

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 05/14/12

Naturopathic Doctors provide intramuscular therapies and intravenous therapies with an array of benefits to our patients. If you would like to maintain your right to receive such therapies, please help us ensure state laws to do so.

Support SB1446 our hearing is May 17th.

Support naturopathic medicine by writing, calling or emailing your california congressman or congresswoman today! 

Find your senator here or ahttp://senate.ca.gov/

You may use this template: 

Senator _____
Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee
State Capitol, Room _____
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Support SB 1446 (Negrete McLeod)

Dear Senator _______,

I am writing in support of SB 1446 (Negrete McLeod). This bill will clarify the existing law regarding the practice of naturopathic doctors.

The Naturopathic Doctors Act, SB907 (Burton, 2003), licensed naturopathic doctors (NDs) in the State of California. The intent of SB907 was to allow naturopathic doctors to independently administer nutritional therapy by intramuscular (IM) and intravenous (IV) routes. However, conflicting federal regulations regarding IV therapy has resulted in legal ambiguity. Under federal regulation, all injectable solutions must be labeled as "prescriptions" regardless of their chemical composition (even if they are vitamins and minerals). Existing law requires a naturopathic doctor to have a supervising MD or DO when prescribing drugs (with the exception of hormones, which NDs may prescribe independently). As a result, there is confusion about the ability of a ND to provide IV nutrients without a supervising MD or DO.

SB1446 would clarify the original intent of the Naturopathic Doctors Act by specifying that naturopathic doctors may independently prescribe substances (such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids) that would not ordinarily require a prescription except that they become a 'drug' because of the route of administration (IM or IV). SB1446 does not alter the scope of practice for naturopathic doctors; it simply clarifies the original statute.

I am a [state your desire and experience for Intramuscular and IV therapy]

For these reasons, I ask for your support of SB 1446 (Negrete McLeod).

Vitamin D and Kids Blog

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 05/01/12

Vitamin D Blog:

Article: Archive of Pediatrics  & Adolescent Medicine. Online before print. doi:10.1001/archpediatrics.2012.5[March 5, 2012].

Once again the importance of vitamin D is highlighted.   I often tell parents, and adults for that matter the importance of vitamin D.    Study after study confirms that daily intake in the standard American is low, and most benefit from dietary supplementation of Vitamin D.

The short summary of this study shows the more the intake of vitamin D based on dietary questionnaires in girls with high impact activity showed less incidence of stress fractures risk. 

It is usually easy to convince mothers that calcium and/or diary intake is important to the health of a growing child.    This study did not show the same stress fracture risk reduction for calcium or dairy. 

Be active, get plenty of protected sun exposure, and find out the healthy dose of vitamin D for you and your child by having your blood vitamin D levels tested.

Dr. Miki 

Migraines and Headache Blog

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 05/01/12

Migraine blog: 

Why doesn’t Botox work well for migraines? 

In all the news lately, seems Botox is going to be tried to help everything these days.     A recent study published in JAMA  Botulinum Toxin A for Prophylactic Treatment of Migraine and Tension Headaches in Adults: A Meta-analysis. JAMA 2012;302 (16):1736-1745 is all over the media. 

ABOUT:  The study shows some if any benefit for certain types of headaches, people were categorized as chronic greater than 15 headaches per month or episodic with less than 15 headaches per month.

FINDINGS:  Small reduction noted in chronic daily migraine or headaches, not for episodic headache or tension type headaches. 

SIDE EFFECTS: Compared to placebo (meaning nothing ) the Botox was associated with an increase in blepharoptosis, skin tightness, paresthesias, neck stiffness,  muscles weakness and neck pain.    Just as a disclaimer, I have nothing against Botox injections as long as you are aware if it’s possible risks.  It is innately a natural substance produced by bacteria in nature naturally. 

The natural migraine approach is to deter them by removing triggers, cleanse, replenish and balance the body hormones to reduce the incidence and in most cases take someone who has daily or frequent monthly episodes to having none to very few per year.   The natural approach does not inject, provide in pill form or any other form of solution.  It is the holistic approach each person is guided through to help them enter a new headache free dimension of their life. 

Dr. Miki 

Daily Roots Guide: Metal Implants

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 03/29/12

In the news, new recalls from widely used metal implants common in hip and other orthopedical surgeries.  New findings suggest these implants may seriously affect your health and reduce your immune system and produce numerous side effects.

Many orthopedic implants are made of metals, like titanium.   You may want to check your supplements and multivitamins.  If your supplements contain titanium oxide or other forms, aluminum or other metals, you  should discontinue their use.  Taking supplements with metals in them can increase your likelyhood to reacting to metal implants or may produce side-effects similar to these orthopedics.  Effects noted maybe due to the leaching the these metal components into the blood.

Dr.  Miki

New Dr. Miki's Blog

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 03/19/12

We are switching over to a new blog format.  We will try and archive our old info and get our new content up. 

Follow our tweets to get updates for our office and health information you don't want to miss. 

Dr. Miki

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