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Kids and Cold Prevention

by Dr. Miki Finlayson, Naturopathic Doctor on 10/24/13

     Reduce the sniffles, coughing and fussiness and more this Cold/Flu Season

When you first feel yourself becoming sick, there are things you can do to avoid becoming ill or to shorten the duration of illness. These suggestions are especially helpful if you do them as early as possible.  They will help you fend off flus, colds, or minor infections.  Ninety percent of common colds are due to viral infections.  Please note that antibiotics are not effective against viral infection.  If prescribed during a secondary bacterial infection, an antibiotic may be beneficial to the patient.  Call a physician if your symptoms become severe.  These are some steps you can take to boost your immunity:   These guidelines are designed to avoid secondary bacterial infections and resolve viral infections and symptoms. 

The body cleanses a cold this way:  With a runny nose a sneeze and by coughing. 

Don’t prevent the body cleanse:

·       OTC( over the counter drugs) a big NO NO

o    Antitussives, anti-diarrhea, NSAIDS all prevent the body from dispelling the internal disease.  Most people who use these, will stay with their cold ( 6 weeks) as opposed to a few days.

o    Fever:  A fever is a natural response to infection or to bodily injury. 

Eat Very Lightly Or Not At All -  With most illnesses, the appetite is diminished.  This is a natural response of the body.  Energy is needed to fight off the "bug" and the body doesn't have the energy to process food.  Give your digestive tract a rest!  Don’t force kids to eat during this time, fluids and easily digestible items like apple sauce are best.

Get Rest As Soon As Possible -  Many people ignore the early warning signs of illness.  For little kids this is usually  excessive tiredness and fussiness.  If you take it easy with them when you notice this it will help them tremendously.   Adding on the recommendations below will help them get better sooner.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids - You can clear the toxins from a "bug" out of your system with large amounts of filtered water and herb teas.  Fruit juices are not good choices as they have a high concentration of sugars in them.  Any item even fruit with high sugar content will suppress your immune system for 10 hours.  If you do choose to drink fruit juices, dilute them by using half (filtered) water and half juice. 

Prevention:  Contamination studies have demonstrated that viral infections are spread much more readily by direct contact than through the air.  Cleanliness tips to help avoid contamination of viruses include cleansing, and frequent hand washing and frequent laundering of clothing or bedding (especially for children sharing rooms).  Avoid touching your face.    Bathe or wash their hands and face before meals, when they get home from school and before bed. 

Take Immunity-Boosting Supplements & Homeopathics: 

**These are sample dosages.  Consult your physician regarding dosages for infants and children or if you have other conditions affecting your health.  Dosages depend on the form in which they are taken, the child weight and age

*** place an order with us and save 5-10% off retail prices. See our wellness store.

·       Vitamin C: ( with bioflavinoids)Take 250 mg every 3-4  times per day with a small amount of food.  Cut back on dosage if stools become loose or you experience gas and cramping.

·       Elderberry Supplement:   Taken at the onset of a cold of flu it will reduce viral infection and mucous.   You should dose three to four times per day.

·       Kids defense:  See bottle for directions.

·       Gaia Kids Cough:  See bottle for directions.

·       Echinacea Supreme:   with Echinacea purpurea (Purple Cone Flower):  during the flu season this is best taken daily as a preventative measure.

·       Warm salt and peroxide Gargle:  ½-1 tsp per  cup of water, steep 10 min.  Mix one Tablespoon of this mixture with hot water and drink BID-QID.  Best for pharyngitis and sore throat and at the onset of a cold.


Home Treatments:

Nasal rinse and steam: Even older kids benefit a great deal from a steam bath.  Essential oils help as well.  Purchase an essential oil sprayer from our office to add the aromatic herbs to the shower.  A simply saline rince is also great for before bed to rinse the dust and germs from the nasal passage.

Chest Compress:  Warm the chest with a warm washcloth or hot shower (2-3 minutes).  Dry the skin thoroughly and apply a thin cotton wrap (to throat) or thin cotton T-shirt (to chest) that has been soaked in cold water and wrung out so that it is not dripping wet.  Cover this with a wool sweater (chest).   Go to bed this way.  By morning, the scarf or T-shirt will be dry.  This treatment increases circulation and increases white-blood cell activity.   Best for sore throat, tense muscle, and throat inflammation, fever or infection.   KEEP REMAINDER OF BODY BUNDLED AND WARM.


Hot bath for 20 minutes.   Add 1-2 cups epson salt to bath water.  Drink hot Ginger tea adding honey and lemon if desired.    Get into warm clothes (sweat suit or flannel pajamas , socks on feet and cap or towel  on head).  Climb into bed and cover with extra blankets. Add small pillow under knees if needed.   Stay in bed at least 1 hour, nap if you want, overnight is fine. Remove warm clothes and shower if necessary when through.


Just before bed, wet 1 pair of thin, cotton socks in cold water.  Warm your feet with a separate hot towel or water.  Then wring out the cold water socks well and put on to your dry, warmed feet.  They should be wet not dripping. Put on 1 pair of heavy wool socks over the wet socks and climb into bed and cover with heavy warm blankets.  Cover well and sleep all night with socks on. Repeat three nights in a row.  Best for any cold/flu or fever.


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